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Who We Are

I.CO.R.ED. LTD, the acronym for the company “Impresa Costruzioni Russo Construction” was founded December 1, 1995 and listed as number 1028 in the Register of Companies of Palermo, April 2, 1996.

On October 15, 1996, it was decided to increase the public share of capital in the company from £ 20 million to £ 600 million and at the same time to acquire the business segment, relating to public contracts, of the private firm “Rosario Russo”, registered to” C.C.I.A.A. in Palermo since 09/16/1961, in order to build a modern and efficient construction company, keeping alive its roots and solid family tradition in the field.

The main strength of the company is thus, even today, that of the union between two generations that have a different but complementary approach, and which results in obtaining the right mix of tradition and innovation in its undertakings.

To date, the I.CO.R.ED. LTD is based at Via Francesco Tempra, 10 to Aspra - Bagheria (PA) and P. VAT No. 04352930822, and is legally represented by Arch. Salvatore Russo, who holds the position of Sole Administrator and Technical Manager.





Icored   I.CO.R.ED s.r.l.
90011 Aspra - Bagheria (PA) - Via Francesco Tempra, 10
Tel. +39 091 955696 - Fax +39 091 955680
Email: amministrazione@icored.it
P. Iva 0432930822