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Insula 3E allo ZEN (PA) - Corte interna Insula 3E allo ZEN (PA)
spazio Edifici Residenziali in Via Borromeo Insula 3E allo ZEN (PA) - Fase cantiere e fine lavori

From the founding of the Company, the main objective has been to offer its client / customer, in terms of works and services, an operation which fulfills the needs of functionality, service and high competence.

The Mission of the Company is the fulfillment of all the requirements of the public or private customer, certifying the assurance of high quality in the realization of works and services, by means of an in-depth knowledge of the areas of manufacturing, services and the associated market of materials.

Over the years, our comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of our clients has led to the acquisition of diversified skills in the various areas of infrastructure and construction, as well as to a special dedication and care of technical and quality aspects, while respecting and protecting the environment and the protection of health and safety in the workplace.

A family experience developed over fifty years, in the public, private, industrial and commercial sectors of construction - of road construction, sewer works, maritime projects, and maintenance works in general, had led to a precious “knowhow”. Over the years, this has been wedded to a continual search for innovation and a study of the market, raising up the company to be an "economic operator”, a landmark and symbol of quality, excellence, and professionalism, in Sicily and beyond.


Icored   I.CO.R.ED s.r.l.
90011 Aspra - Bagheria (PA) - Via Francesco Tempra, 10
Tel. +39 091 955696 - Fax +39 091 955680
Email: amministrazione@icored.it
P. Iva 0432930822